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Blue Chip 225 For Each Year!

Rising Freshmen to Rising Senior - Blue Chip 225 is the place for you in in 2015.  Spots are filling fast. 



  • Position Evaluation and Skill Training
  • Supervised dorms and great dining
  • College coaches - one coach /10 players
  • Coaching in team play
  • Skill check in competitive games 
  • Coach panel discussion on planning


  • Compete with nation's best
  • Reality check on college planning
  • College coaches - one coach for each ten players
  • Challenge yourself in top team play
  • Skill development sessions by position
  • Coach panel discussion on recruiting planning
  • All games filmed


  • Varsity and Elite Divisions 
  • All coaches are college coaches
  • Connecting with College evening panel
  • Showcase your individual skills 
  • Live all star game for coaches nationally
  • Your data on Coach Packet for recruiting
  • Up to 7 games for maximum showcase


  • 100 college coaches on site 
  • Coaches from all divisions and areas
  • College coaches - one coach for each ten players
  • Coach packet gives onsite coaches your data
  • Nationally videocast all-star game
  • Recruiting for Seniors panel discussion
  • Varsity and Elite Divisions - Recruited equally

Whatever your grade Blue Chip 225 works for you.  Beyond the lacrosse skills and college showcasing, Blue Chip 225 is a place to meet players from your region and beyond.   Our new dining program offers a dining card which let's you eat whenever you like in one of the many and varied food service dining centers on campus. 

 Enjoy the UMass, Amherst campus, and its outstanding fields only a short walk from the dorms.  Compete against top competition to test your skills.  Connect with the large number of college programs on staff and on campus as observers.

Join us at Blue Chip 225.  Our goal is to help players make memories and plan their future.  

Spots are filling fast and we may have the earliest waiting list ever.  If you have your invitation, click the registration button below.  If you don't have your invitation click the request invitation button.  If you'd like more information visit our website. 

Contact us at or by phone 925-718-5758 (PST) if you have any questions.  We have convenient payment plans available. 

Spring College Prep Activities

Blue Chip Lacrosse
Blue Chip 225 LacrosseApril  2014 

Whatever your college choice, if you want to play lacrosse you will benefit from the interest of college coaches. 
Blue Chip 225 Showcases allow you to demonstrate your skills to college coaches from around the country. 
Register now to play against top competition before a wide variety of college coaches. 
Blue Chip 225 has openings
in all positions for Rising
Seniors, Rising Juniors, and
Rising Sophomores!
Get your recommendations in to
Rising Seniors
June 30 - July 3, 2014
Rising Juniors
July 7 - July 10, 2014
Rising Sophs
July 14 - July 17, 2014
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How To Get Invited to Blue Chip 225
Blue Chip 225 is open to all but requires that a coach recommend you for either the varsity or elite divisions.   They can do this by sending an email 
The criteria for each division are available by clickinghere.
Please contact us with any questions

Blue Chip 225
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Going to College?  - Time is Short!
elitechallenge As the end of your sophomore or junior year of high school approaches, you are facing a series of challenges and decisions which will determine the course of the rest of your life.

This Recruiting Tips  email and the ones which will follow can help you connect your lacrosse experience and your college goals

The more you plan ahead, the better the chances you will have to achieve your goals.  As you work through the plan, define your tasks and keep track of your progress.  Even though college seems far away, time is short, and you have no time to waste.

Listed below are tips that will get you started.  Your choice of a college will have major impact on the rest of your life.  Plan well and implement carefully and thoroughly. 

 March 15 Until April 15 - Survey the Field

Let's assume you want to play lacrosse in college.  This limits your college choices to:
67 D1 Colleges
57 D2 Colleges
213 D3 Colleges 

You're now limited to 337 NCAA 4 year colleges out of almost 3,000 in the US. If you include colleges with club teams, there are 213 colleges in the MCLA and 127 in the NCLL for a total of 340 additional four year schools where you can play lacrosse. 
 Now, narrow the list down a bit to make your task of deciding which colleges to consider.  Consider your grade point average and ACT/SAT scores and rule out the obvious colleges you can't be admitted to. 
While the list is now smaller, it will be smaller yet when you consider where you want to go to school.  Don't want the South? North?  big city? small town? - Narrow the list to schools in areas you want to consider. 
Are you open to attending faith based colleges, public universities, huge colleges, tiny colleges?  Go through the remaining list and rule out the schools whose location or type is unacceptable which narrows the list further.
While 50% of students change their majors in their first two years, it is likely you have an idea of the area of your major interest: astronony?  business?  engineering?  Examine schools with strong programs in your area of interest - good track records of successful graduates.  The list grows smaller.
Finally, by now you have an idea of the level of your skills in feedback from coaches at all levels.  If you are third string in a weak high school, you probably can rule out the top ten D1 schools.  If your GPA is high and you have strong SAT/ACT scores, you likely can be assured of being admitted to a 4 year school - so you can drop the 2 year programs.  If you are a top 10 player with a very weak GPA and poor ACT/SAT scores, you probably can realistically rule out the Ivy League schools.
So, by process of elimination you have created a list of 12-15 colleges that are likely choices for you and you're ready for the next step of your plan.

 April 15 - May 30 - Scan the Field

  You can learn a great deal about a college without leaving home.  The internet offers virtual tours, academic information, course information, cost and financial aid data, team, coach, and player info, a wide variety of feedback about each college, as well as contact information for the school and coaching staff. 
  Step 1:
Define the field - Choose a college search tool such  It is an easy to use tool that will do the narrowing down for you, provide you with information, and then let you compare schools that look like possibilities to you.  Print out the list of likely schools, and their comparison and contact information.
Step 2:
Check Out the College - The cold facts of a college tell  you little about the life of the campus, and the attitudes and feelings of the students.  Check out your school list on the feedback sites which provide student feedback
Look for themes - not just a comment here or there, but the overall perceptions of people who go there.
Step 3: Scout the Team - Browsethe college site, click on athletics, then teams, men's lacrosse.  Look at the roster - how many players are there in each class at your position?  If you are a goalie and they have three sophomore goalies, there might not be a spot for you as a major recruit.  Look at the coach biography.  Is this someone who seems positive for you?  Review the team record over the past season.  If you the school is of interest, be sure to fill out the Prospective Student Questionaire to let the coach know of your interest.
 Step 4: List your schools by their location so that you can

 June - Prepare For Summer

 Grades: Most colleges use your GPA and your ACT/SAT scores as the major elements in the admission decision.  Study for your finals, make sure you have all your work in. 
Train -  You are going to camp to showcase your talents.  Keep your game sharp and your conditioning in top form.  Camp days are long and demanding. Your endurance is important.
  Plan Your Summer - If you're playing for a tournament summer team, list your schedule.  Line out your camp dates.  Then schedule visits to your top college choices.
Communicate with Coaches- Use the Blue Chip 225 Player Profile to update coaches with your schedule.  If possible, coordinate your campus visit so you can meet them. 
Update your profile with your most recent academic and athletic information. 

  Camps, Colleges and Coaches -- July- August

 Showcase your skills and personality to college coaches

at Blue Chip 225!  (and other programs if you must).  As with your visit to college campuses, you should make each moment count.  Coaches seek players who are not only outstanding individual players, but also consumate team sparkplugs, responsive to coaching instruction, well behaved and focused on their sport. 
Secure your video highlights.  This has become almost required by colleges for reviewing players.  Having  quality video showing you against top competition in challenging situations is key. Check out this article which quotes coaches of top college programs on the value they place on videos from prospective recruits.

Contact Coaches  After camp, send a copy of your video along with a letter to each coach of a school you are considering thanking him for observing your play, referring to your videos, updating him on your upcoming schedule and your interest in his school. 

  College Visits -
 Schedule visits to your top choices.  Use a college visit form to organize (such or  and record your impressions. 
 Make the most of each visit.  Take your visits seriously.  Be thorough. Record your notes during and after each visit. 
Check out , a site that helps set up and plan your college visit tours.  

 Summer Summary -September

 Summer is over.  You have narrowed your list of colleges and, and you have at least several colleges listing you on their recruiting board.   
You have opened communication with several coaches and you're well on your way.  Take a deep breath and prepare for the next phase of the process.  There is still a long way to go. 
We're Here to Help
We hope you find this information helpful.  The process of finding and selecting a college, being recruited, admitted and funded is a stressful and exciting one.  Your goals will best be achieved through planning and thorough follow through.   
We appreciate your interest and look forward to any questions or comments you may have.  
Ted Spencer
Blue Chip Lacrosse

Getting The Most Out of Each Year!

Our goal at Blue Chip 225 is to help players connect with colleges through showcasing their individual and team skills against top competition.  We do all we can to ensure that the results of players' performance is shared with college coaches on staff, those who attend, those who view games via archived video, and those who watch our live streamed all star games.  

Beyond the value of the showcase are the steps YOU take to prepare for being recruited and for college and post high school lacrosse.  This newsletter and others during the course of the year are tips on how to maximize your own efforts toward the goal of making the most of your athletic skill and goals.  

If you're going into your freshman year: 
Find a Fall team if you can. 
Check out Fall tournaments in your area.  Click here for search 
Check out and get registered for indoor /Winter lacrosse
Begin to define your goals - What division do you see yourself aiming toward?  (Check out the US Lacrosse Recruiting Guide for some facts)
Plan your curriculum to meet NCAA core requirements.
Grades - you must graduate with at least a 2.0 in your core subjects to be considered eligible and the better your grades the more positive coaches will be toward you.


You can make unofficial visits to a college campus.
It is also permissible for you to receive a maximum of three complimentary tickets to a college sporting event.
You can talk with college coaches but this must be on campus.
You can call a college coach but he cannot call you or return your call.

If you're going into your sophomore year:
 Take the PSAT as prep for the SAT test. (info and registration)

 Grades --- Grades --- Grades -- Keep them high.. Don't make it difficult for the college coach to clear you through Admissions. He may decide not to try.

 Think about what you want out of college: size, location, academics, and make a list of the schools that seem to fit.  You can find lists of schools in each division at the NCAA Eligibility Center .

You may also want to subscribe to College Coaches Online. This is a searchable database so you can enter the criteria that apply to you and find schools that fit. 

Get fit and stay fit - Sounds obvious?  Don't spend the season reaching peak condition.  Develop a reasonable work out plan and stick with it.  There are many good online training programs, and 

You can make unofficial visits to a college campus.
It is also permissible for you to receive a maximum of three complimentary tickets to a college sporting event.
You can talk with college coaches but this must be on campus.
You can call a college coach but he cannot call you or return your call. 

If you're going into your junior year:

School starts about the same time as coaches are allowed to contact you.  Give your best work and attention to both.  Respond right away to any communication from coaches. 

The quality of EVERYTHING you do with coaches is part of how you are evaluated. This includes the questionnaires you received from colleges and any notes you write to them. In reviewing your material, the number of spelling mistakes (including misspelling the names of the colleges themselves) is of concern. If you aren't serious enough to get the spelling and typing right a coach will wonder how serious you are about your sport.

Many colleges will send you questionnaires. Fill them out and return them quickly and accurately.

Sign up for Fall tournaments and email coaches in the schools you're thinking about your tournament schedule.

Make visits to colleges and begin to narrow your list to maybe a dozen that seem to be a fit for you and that seem within your ability range.  As with your choices of colleges, pick some "safe bets", some good choices, and some "reach" schools.  Find the balance between selling yourself short and being a 5'2" guard in the NBA.

Grades - Grades - Grades - As you go through school it becomes more difficult to recover from low grade point average.  Be as serious about your academic achievements as your are your athletic ones.

Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center - This is important to ensure your eligibility.  You should do this at the start of your Junior Year. (informationEligibility Center)

Get registered for SAT (SAT info - Register)

Junior year from September 1
College coaches are allowed to send you information about their athletic program and about their school. this can include: media guides, schedule cards, personalized letters, photocopies of newspaper clippings and official university admissions and academic publications.
The college coach is now allowed to answer your emails and send emails to you as well.

Junior year from July 1
A college coach is only permitted to contact you in person off the college campus only on or after July 1st when you have completed your junior year of high school. If the coach meets with you or your parents and says anything to you or them then this is considered a contact. Anything more than a very basic hello is a contact.
College coaches are permitted to make one telephone call each week to you or your parents. You can call the coach as often as you wish.


If you're going into your senior year:

You can make up to five Official - expense paid visits to college campuses. the visit to the campus cannot be longer than forty eight hours in duration. you are are not allowed to have an official visit until after your first day of classes of your senior year.

College coaches need to have an official ACT or SAT score and a copy of your official high school transcript before you can make a visit.
Coaches can make telephone calls and send written correspondence as per the rules for your junior year.

if your at a tournament and the coach does not talk to you don't take it personally. The National Collegiate Athletic Association has specific recruiting rules that puts limits on communication at tournaments.
A college coach can sit down with a guardian or parent at a competition site. This is counted as one of the three in-person off-campus recruiting contacts a coach is permitted

Do your official visits to your schools and consider what each one offers, where your academic and athletic goals are most likely to be realized.  

In early November the National Letters of Intent are sent and it is decision time. Consider carefully with focus on the things that will matter in years to come. Ask yourself  if you are permanently injured is this the place you want to be.  Know what the National Letter of Intentmeans for both you and the college.